Ulpanat Orly School Policies


Ulpanat Orly is designed to be a warm, all-inclusive environment enabling each student to grow in her academics,  middot and relationship with HaShem.  




Until further notice, we will be operating on a 9:30-13:30 schedule. As such, students should daven before coming to school.


Classes begin at 9:30 am. Students are expected to be present and prepared before class begins (both for in school learning or on Zoom should the need arise). 


Students arriving after 10:10 a.m.(after first period)  will not be permitted into classes without communication from a parent.


Students may not leave school grounds during school hours without express permission from Ulpanat Orly staff.


Students may sign out of school only with written communication from an authorized person (As specified on the local tiyul form).


No student has a free period unless specifically notified by the administration. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. 


Integrity and Accountability 


An Ulpanat Orly student is expected to take responsibility for her decision making.


Students are responsible for completing work and assessments on time. If a student has a conflict, she is responsible for approaching the teacher to figure out an alternative plan together. 


Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Cheating and plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. The goal of Ulpanat Orly teachers is to support the learning and growth of each student. Integrity and honesty are essential to this process. 


Equipment Requirements


Any lost, misplaced, or seriously damaged school books or equipment must be paid for and replaced. Students damaging school property will be required to pay for repairs or replacement.


Electronics and Technology


Finding a healthy balance for proper use of phones, technology, and social media is a challenge faced by many adults and students alike. Teaching students to make healthy choices surrounding technology will help them in their learning and success at Ulpanat Orly and prepare them for a future of responsible use. 


Students will check-in their phones each morning. Phones will be kept in a safe and secure location in the office. Students can access their phones freely during designated times. At all other times, students will need permission from an administrator to use their phones. 


Any other personal devices need explicit permission from an administrator to be used during school.


School computers are for school work only. Students should only be using a computer with the permission of a teacher. 


No picture or video taken in school or during school activities may be shared without express permission from the school administration. 


Dress Code


The purpose of a dress code is to provide a sense of identity while maintaining dignity. We encourage individuality, while striving to adhere to halacha and respect the homes of our diverse community. Students must be dressed in a neat and presentable manner at all times. This includes a school shirt (round collar and at least ¾ sleeves) with a semel. Skirt must cover the knees and slits should not come above the knee. Clothing should not be too tight. 


All determinations will be made by school administration.


A collection of school shirts and skirts will be kept in the office.  


Aggressive Behavior


Ulpanat Orly is a safe space for every student. The expectation of each Ulpanat Orly student is to be respectful of all people, regardless of differences. In order to facilitate a community of acceptance and belonging, aggressive behavior of any sort will not be tolerated. Our speech is a powerful tool in conveying respect.  


Any of these behaviors may result in penalties up to and including expulsion:


  • Foul, threatening or biased language of any kind

  • Bullying and harassing 

  • Fighting (including “play fighting”)

  • Technology (email, texting, social media) to threaten, harass, defame or “put down” Ulpanat Orly students, staff, or the school