Wouldn’t your daughter benefit from more individualized attention? 


The average class size in mainstream Israeli schools is 30-40 students, which rarely allows for individualized attention. Students with few academic, social, or emotional issues can manage in a program like this. On the other hand, students faced with severe challenges have the benefit of specialized school programs with small classes, which typically sacrifice the level of education in order to meet their needs. Most students, however, fall somewhere in between.  In the meantime, they have two options: be placed in a mainstream class which is too much for them to handle, or be placed in a remedial setting at the expense of their education. As a result, many feel like misfits or failures. In truth, they have not failed; the system has failed them.

Enter: Ulpanat Orly

Orly offers a holistic approach to education, ensuring that each student’s emotional, social, and spiritual needs are met, while developing her scholastic and intellectual abilities. We recognize that she is a world unto herself, and that she has the potential to succeed. By providing her with a warm environment, individual attention, and a structured learning program tailored to her particular strengths, she will benefit from a positive learning experience which in turn, will boost her self esteem and feelings of success. At Ulpanat Orly, we believe that one of the most important goals we can set for our students is turning them into effort-based learners: A student who attributes her success to the effort she invested, and not because she “is smart” or she “got lucky”, will fare much better in the future when she finds herself faced with a challenge. A student who is trained to see that it was her effort that led to her success will always know that when a challenge arises, hard work and a well planned strategy will propel her toward her desired results.