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Ulpanat Orly, located in Bet Shemesh, is a girls' high school for English speakers in grades 7-12. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student can thrive educationally, socially, emotionally and religiously while supporting their language and cultural integration into life in Israel.

We do this through personalized attention, a warm and welcoming environment, and educational goals that are catered to each individual student.

Here are a few highlights that makes our school special:


all-star teachers

Our teaching staff is unparalleled in their dedication and warmth. Every one of our teachers is bilingual; either herself an Olah or the child of Olim. As such, each understands the culture of our Anglo students and is able to foster warm relationships with her students in their language. Our teachers are personable, accepting, dynamic and come from a range of hashkafot which offers the students a diversity of perspective.

be yourself

Ulpanat Orly is comprised of girls and teachers from a range of hashkafot and backgrounds. Our goal is to help each girl find her connection to Hashem by encouraging questions, withholding judgment and creating an air of warmth, acceptance and wholesomeness in our school.

Anglo friendly

Most of our students come from Anglo homes and socialize in English. This can provide a tremendous sense of relief for new Olot or Anglo students who struggle with Hebrew acquisition. Our Lashon staff works with each individual student at her level with the goal of helping new Olot acquire the language in an Ulpan-style environment. Academic classes are taught in Hebrew with the intention of preparing our students for the Bagrut and life in Israel. Our completely bilingual teaching staff are always there to support, or translate material or workbooks for students who have difficulty with Hebrew. Programming and non-Academic classes, such as Parasha and Sicha, are in English so that our students can feel comfortable and focus on other goals such as socializing, personal growth, and deepening their own relationship with Hashem and Torah

small classes

We offer small class sizes which ensures that every student gets the attention they need to excel. Large classes are challenging to many students, whether there is a language barrier, a struggle with ADHD or dyslexia, or just a need for more individualized attention. In a small class, teachers have time for each student and the ability to address each one’s learning needs. Students socialize across grade levels making our whole school environment warm and friendly. Everyone’s contribution is meaningful!


interest based learning

Students are often expected to open a siddur and daven before having developed a real connection to Tefilla. Students are often expected to learn Chumash with Rashi without having a real interest in what they are learning and why it’s relevant to their lives. Students learn and are taught to keep Halacha without understanding the “whys” behind what we do. The result often creates disconnected and uninspired students. Our teachers are committed to teaching in a way that encourages students to ask their questions and to connect to the root of Mitzvot in a way that helps build their unique connection to Hashem.

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