At Ulpanat Orly, we believe that one of the most important goals we can set for our students is turning them into effort-based learners: A student who attributes her success to the effort she invested, and not because she “is smart” or she “got lucky”, will fare much better in the future when she finds herself faced with a challenge. A student who is trained to see that it was her effort that led to her success will always know that when a challenge arises, hard work and a well-planned strategy will propel her toward her desired results.


 Limudei Kodesh

  • Instills Torah values

  • Develops textual skills in order to master learning

  • Builds connection to our Mesorah

  • Values questioning within Torah

The Bagrut

  • A full 29 yechidot program to prepare our students for their future

  • Integration. Knowledge that our students have achieved excellence

  • Fully recognized for optimal acceptance into university

Penn Foster

  • Online high school degree fully recognized by many Israeli universities

  • Covers the gamut of Math, English, Science, History

  • Focuses on individualization in a classroom setting



  • Fosters her connection to Hashem through Tefillah

  • Engenders her mindfulness

  • Inspires her self-growth


  • Enables her to recognize the value of her contribution

  • Develops her sense of arevut for Am Yisrael


  • Nurtures her ability to create

  • Supports critical thinking in learning

  • Provides additional opportunities for her to shine

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